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Bishop Anthony Willis

Bishop Anthony Willis was born a native of Oakland, California.  His Godly parents, the late Superintendent A. D. Willis and State Supervisor Martha F. Willis, biblically trained him in the Word.  Although he desired a football career, God orchestrated a different plan for his life.  Even as a young man, he faithfully worked with his father in many areas of the church.  He was a skillful musician and would play lead guitar until devils had to flee.  He served as Junior Pastor for approximately 3 years.  In 1987, Superintendent A. D. Willis’ health began to fail and Junior Pastor Anthony Willis became Co-Pastor of Lily of the Valley C.O.G.I.C.  After the demise of his father, Bishop German Ross appointed him as Senior Pastor.  He presently has over 35 years of pastoral experience for one of the most electrifying ministries in the city of Oakland.  He is known as an accurate prophet, atmosphere changer and for operating in a powerful deliverance anointing.
Pastor Willis has a vision for the total man.  He established several outreach projects, which included the following: Project New Start - (Emergency Housing), Foster Families Network, Project Lily L.O.V.E. - (HIV/AIDS Ministry), Pneuma Hagion (Prostitution Outreach Ministry), A. L. Willis Life Center - (Youth Activities/Physical & Mental Health Counseling/Athletics & Tutorial Programs).  
As a developer Pastor Anthony Willis was instrumental in the strategic planning and development of the City of Oakland E Street (off-street parking) project.  Through his vision and leadership the Lily of the Valley Christian Center family constructed a new sanctuary, one that allows them to reach and spread the gospel to a broader spectrum of people.  They purchased (4) houses and (1) apartment complex which are currently being used to accommodate outreach programs. The building of the A. L. Willis Life Center is still in progress.

In 2002, the doors of international ministry were opened for him to spread the gospel in the Bahamas, Canada and several parts of Africa (Lagos, Nigeria and Johannasburg, South Africa).  In 2006, Pastor Willis was directed by God to establish Lily of the Valley Masterpiece in Boksburg, South Africa.

In 2004, Pastor Willis was consecrated to the office of Bishop.  Bishop Willis has become a mentor to many Pastors in the Bay Area, across this nation and abroad. These Pastors were drawn by his love for God and his passion for encouraging and building ministries.  Under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, they formed a comradeship that is now recognized as P.U.R.E. Ministries International Fellowship Churches.  This wonderful fellowship includes churches and a collaboration of Outreach Ministries.  Bishop Anthony Willis has a ministry that reaches far beyond denominational barriers.  He has traveled throughout the United States proclaiming the gospel of Christ.   
Bishop Willis attended Shiloh Bible College and Urban Missions Theological Seminary both located in the city of Oakland.  Bishop Willis was the recipient of the 2004 Ambassador for Peace Award from the Inter-religious and International Federation for World Peace.  He has gained special recognition for transcending racial, national and religious barriers. In January 2006, Bishop Willis was appointed by the United Chaplains International Worldwide Outreach as Assistant Director of the California Region.

Bishop Willis married his high school sweetheart, Lady Yvonne Marie Willis.  His marital experience of 47 years has been the core of the establishment of a prominent family ministry.  Many have been tremendously influenced to maintain strong morals and family values through this ministry.  He is a loving husband, father and grandfather.

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